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Caring for God’s Creation

We are fortunate to live in a time when many of us in the U.S. have access to energy to run our dishwashers, charge our phones, cook our meals and commute to our local United Methodist Women meetings. But is the energy that fuels all these possibilities just? How is it impacting the lives and health of women, children and youth in the U.S. and around the world? The North Georgia Conference United Methodist Women and the South Georgia Conference United Methodist Women, in partnership with the Georgia Interfaith Power and Light, invite you to learn more about working for energy that is cleaner and more just for all of God’s people and creation. 


Speakers: Tina Wilkinson, Millie Kim, Rachel Collins, JaMelle R. Hill, and Hermina Glass-Hill

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Watch Recorded Session

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Watch Recorded Session

Just Energy for All Action Steps

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GA PSC YouTube Channel

Fair Energy Now (fairenergynow.org)

Just Energy Action Plan

Return the completed form to Beverly Marshall-Goodell at bevmarshallgoodell@yahoo.com.  She will forward them to UMW.

Session 3 Information

Changing the future: Just Energy for All 

As people of faith, we are called into action to envision and enact a future where all of God’s people are protected from environmental threats and injustices. In this workshop, Hannah Shultz, Program Associate at Georgia Interfaith Power and Light, will explore clean energy options such as energy efficiency and solar and ways your faith community can advance clean energy as individuals and a congregation. Participants will also receive tools for engaging in advocacy on issues related to coal ash and energy burden. We will welcome Jesse Demonbreun-Chpaman, the Executive Director and Riverkeeper at the Coosa River Basin Initiative, and Kurt Ebersbach, Senior Attorney at Southern Environmental Law Center, to share information about ways to take action. 

If you have any questions, please contact Beverly Marshall-Goodell at bevmarshallgoodell@yahoo.com or Carol Banks at cybanks1946@gmail.com. 

Sponsored by: 
The United Methodist Women of the South Georgia Conference

The United Methodist Women of the North Georgia Conference
Georgia Interfaith Power and Light


Using Zoom Webinar

The Just Energy workshops will be held via Zoom webinar. The Thursday prior to the workshop, registrants will receive a secure meeting link to participate. In order to participate, you must have an internet-connected device such as a desktop or laptop computer (with speakers), tablet, or smartphone. Participants will access the session using a web browser (i.e. the platform used to get on the Internet, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). A webcam is not necessary. Only videos of workshop leaders and presenters will be shown during the session. We do encourage participants to use the chat feature to communicate. For questions about Zoom, email Kelly Roberson (kelly@sgaumc.com).

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Session 1 Speaker Information

The Bible and the United Methodist Social Principles and Book of Resolutions provide the foundation for creation care. These five women of faith –  Tina Wilkinson, Millie Kim, Rachel Collins, JaMelle R. Hill, and Hermina Glass-Hill – will share why they care and why we should care about God’s creation. They will focus on problems of garbage, monocropping, air and water pollution and ecological grief caused by environmental destruction.

Tina Wilkinson, UM EarthKeeper, Member of Dunwoody UMC, Dunwoody, GA

Rev. Millie Kim, EM EarthKeeper, Pastor of Second Ave UMC, Rome, GA

Rev. Rachel Collins, UM EarthKeeper, Pastor of New River Circuit, Holston Conference UMC

JaMelle R. Hill, Activist, Health Advocate and a Chair of Poor People’s Campaign Georgia

Hermina Glass-Hill, Coastal Engagement Associate, Georgia Interfaith Power and Light

Session 2 Information

Our faith calls us to be caretakers of our planet and to listen to the stories of those who suffer the impacts of unjust systems. Hannah Shultz, Program Associate at Georgia Interfaith Power and Light, will address the environmental and public health impacts associated with our current energy generating sources by looking specifically at the improper storage of coal ash, the issues with biomass energy, and the factors contributing to energy burden in our communities. Participants will also hear stories from residents in frontline communities who have been directly impacted by the threats associated with energy inequities in GA.