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Summer Program

Art Supplies for Murphy-Harpst Residents

Murphy-Harpst gives our children an opportunity to express themselves through drawing, paint, clay building, multimedia, crafts, and photography. Kids learn the basics of line, composition, design, and color theory while exploring a variety of media. By using art as a therapeutic tool, youth are able to gain confidence, learn to express themselves, and treasure their uniqueness.

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Art Supplies Donation information


Murphy-Harpst’s summer program provides safe and healthy opportunities for children to experience childhood milestones for the first time. Our Summer Program has a unique theme that encourages our children to learn new skills while having a great time. Kids participate in confidence-building activities such as swimming, obstacle courses, cultural experiences through off-campus trips, and opportunities for therapeutic healing.

Summer Program are donor funded and we rely on our generous supporters to make it a reality! To find out more information on how to donate to Murphy-Harpst summer program. Please click on the link below.

Summer Program Donatatiion Information